Wednesday, July 27, 2011


UN officials’ Channel 4 video analysis - ‘Forensic Hoax’

  • Wednesday, July 27, 2011
  • Arunthathi Kanagaratnam
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  • The qualifications, credibility and background of persons called in as experts by two UN Special Rapporteurs to study the Channel 4 videos are being called in question following revelations of falsehood, misrepresenting qualifications, perjury, and biased observations in their previous investigations.

    These persons with questionable records were used to claim the authenticity of two C-4 videos allegedly showing atrocities by the security forces in the last phase of the humanitarian operation against terrorist LTTE.

    Two high ranking UN officials hell-bent on using the disputed Channel 4 ‘Killing Fields’ video as a springboard for initiating an international war crimes investigation against Sri Lanka have misled the world and are getting away with it under the cover of ‘forensic science’, states the Sri Lanka-USA Update website.

    Accordingly, an investigation into the background of the ‘experts’ the two officials, Special Rapporteur Philip Alston and Special Rapporteur Christof Heyns, commissioned to authenticate the disputed video has revealed some startling discrepancies and shocking professional lapses which question the legitimacy and objectivity of their findings as much as their professional credentials.

    The website further notes that in addition to hyping up and misrepresenting the qualifications of the ‘experts’ they commissioned to authenticate the video, the two officials used their high office to fool people into believing that ‘forensic video analysis’ - the apparent process their experts used to determine that the video was unaltered footage of live executions and atrocities by Sri Lankan forces captured on cell phone cameras during the final days of the war - is an objective, infallible scientific process.

    The two ‘UN Experts’ who authenticated the video, Dr. Daniel Spitz, a forensic pathologist and medical examiner and Grant Fredericks, a ‘forensic video expert’ have been charged with using flawed methodologies, Sri Lanka-US Update reveals.

    The former has bungled an autopsy test with his failure to detect a bullet hole in the neck and a bullet lodged in the jaw of a murder victim, while the latter has been caught lying in a scandalous police cover-up in a Canadian courtroom.

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