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Queen of children's books

  • Sunday, July 24, 2011
  • Arunthathi Kanagaratnam
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  • Enid Blyton was very popular among children because she wrote hundreds of children's books. She was called the Queen of Children's books in the 20th century. She was born in England on August 11, 1897. She was the eldest child of Thomas Carey Blyton, a salesman of cutlery, and his wife, Theresa Mary Harrison Blytony .

    She had two brothers named Hanly and Carey. She liked to write poems and stories as a small child even though she did not have a very pleasant childhood. The family had to face many economic problems .She was a clever and diligent child . Despite the financial problems faced by her family she continued her education. At the age of 14 she won a poetry competition.

    Discovering her talents at writing she began to improve on her writing skills. She selected teaching as her first job. She was a talented pianist, but gave up her musical studies when she trained as a teacher.She taught for five years . She wrote many children's stories and poems to newspapers and magazines during her teaching career.

    In 1922 she published her first book titled Child whispers, a collection of poems. In 1924 she married an editor of the book department in a publishing firm named Major Hugh Alexander Pollock.She had two daughters.

    In 1926 Blyton edited a new magazine for children called Sunny Stories for Little People.Her first full-length children's book, The Secret Island, was published in 1938.

    Enid Blyton books such as the Noddy series and Famous Five series were, and still are very popular among children from all parts of the world.Her books have been translated into many languages. She died in 1968 but her books will be loved by children for ever.

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